3-D – Future Primitive Reviewed by Steve Rudd


This extraordinary release has been a profound family affair from start to finish, with former Spiders From Mars drummer Woody Woodmansey working with his two sons Nick and Danny to produce this amazing album that’s full of exhilarating instrumentals, with a multitude of killer drum beats at their heart.It’s a bold premise that has been executed brilliantly, with all three drummers taking various production credits. While most of the tracks begin with refined subtlety, in most cases it isn’t long at all before the tracks unfold into gloriously engaging and high-kicking instrumentals.
And it isn’t just rock beats that form the backbone of these tracks, as all sorts of musical styles crop up, with funk, hip-hop and breakbeat rhythms being presented with stylish panache.Nor is it just drumbeats that make up the tracks, because a variety of auxiliary instruments such as upright bass and refreshing blasts of sax flesh out a number of cuts.

With Pharaoh’s Groove nudging nicely into the far more atmospheric Shady number, the latter comes complete with an entrancing smattering of beats that all coalesce wonderfully.

The naturally upbeat Celebration precedes perhaps the coolest cut of them in all Funk Shui, whilst the moody keyboard-based melody that anchors Native Space lends an emotional weight to the beats before the mighty Symphonic Break proves itself to be a mini-masterpiece in every respect.All in all, Future Primitive (which was recorded in LA) is one of the most original and engaging albums you may ever hear. Far from being a concept album that might sound to appeal to drummers and drummers only, that’s not the case, for anybody who appreciates strong beats will surely love this release.
The level of the collective musicianship displayed is staggering, and it’s immediately apparent that all three men in the tight-knit Woodmansey clan are hugely talented drummers in their own individual rights.It’s just fortunate that Woody, who spearheaded the project, managed to find time to get his lads in on this act in between working on other people’s musical projects.
What’s more, Woody says that he harbours plans to stage some live shows with Nick and Danny at some point, so watch out.
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