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David Shankle is a world-renowned guitar player based in the states. Having previously ‘shredded’ guitar for the likes of Manowar, he’s busier than ever, playing with his own band DSG, and offering much-sought-after guitar lessons to boot…

Hey Dave, how you doing?

All is great.

For those who don’t know, you’re a world-renowned Metal guitarist. How old were you when you first picked up a guitar, and what made you fall in love with playing so much?

My dad was a guitar player, and he got me into it, and thank God for that – look what it did to me.

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What was the name of your first band, and did you enjoy playing live from the off? 

I’ve loved all the bands I’ve been in. As for the first band I was in… I can’t remember that since there have been too many of them.

What led you to becoming a guitarist in Manowar?

Being one of the best super-shred guitar players in Chicago. Joey and the band came to see me, and that was all Manowar needed to see – and away I went with them for seven years.

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Having toured a great many countries with Manowar, do any particular memories stand-out more than others? 

A lot… so many. I loved them all, along with the fans.

You also play in your own band, DSG. How does calling the shots in your own band compare to working in a band put together by somebody else, or have you always had free rein in terms of composing and laying down riffs?

In Manowar, it was nearly all Joey. I had my hand in some of the songs which was cool. In DSG, it is all me, and I play way better now than I did in Manowar, and my fans know this and see this live.

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What’s the secret to a great riff? 

Knowing how to come up with one and play it.

Have you always lived in Chicago, and what do you think of the Metal-scene there right now?

Yes, and it is getting better all the time. Whilst in Manowar, I lived in New York.

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As well as being busy with writing and performing, you’re now also teaching. What can guitarists expect from your lessons?

All you need to be an all-round ‘shred’ guitar player, and understand what it takes to be that kind of player. My new website is at www.davidshankle.com

Finally, what’s coming up on the near horizon for you in terms of gigs and releases, and how can folk find out more?

There’ll be a new DSG album out in March or April on a new label, Pure Steel Records, along with lots of shows and new videos, plus four new ‘shred’ guitar DVDs with my new line of guitar from Grosmann.

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(Questions by Steve Rudd; Answers by David Shankle)

This interview was conducted on 16th November, 2013.


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