aOur take on the family friendly music festival thing.

If you go and watch a Pixar movie with your children, everyone has a great time. Not just your kids, EVERYBODY!!! We strive for this holy-grail every year.

We don’t have kids’ areas as such – they’re not zoo animals! The whole site is accessible to everyone and we will welcome you as though you were our house guests, which you essentially are.

But we are a cultural event, too, and you will be exposed to many new things. We like new things. You might be challenged by some of them, but we want every family member to leave Baldersby Park inspired!

And finally, our music line-up, hitting you through extremely high fidelity PA systems, will be as thrilling and contemporary as you will find at any UK festival in 2016 – it’s just that you can share that thrill with your kids and feel perfectly safe at the same time.

Oh, and if you don’t have kids to bring, that’s fine, too!

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