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Love living life through a lense? You’re not the only one! Here, in an exclusive interview with “Pulse” author Steve Rudd, Kerry Duncan chats about all things photography-related…

Hi Kerry, how are things, and how has 2016 treated you so far?

Things are going great this year, thank you! I’ve held several exhibitions, all of which went great and gave me the chance to meet some lovely local people. I’ve also got my studio up and running.

How long have you been taking photos, and what initially sparked your interest in photography?

I’ve always been fascinated by photography. I loved looking at old photographs when I was a kid, but it was probably my honeymoon in the Highlands of Scotland about a decade ago (that makes me feel really old!) that really got me going and kickstarted my professional career. When faced with scenery like that, you just can’t help but pick up a camera.

What do you enjoy most about photography? 

I just love the opportunity that it gives you to be able to capture unique moments in time, be it a windswept beach, or a baby giggling. I also love being outdoors and seeing the brilliant landscapes that our country – and county – has to offer.

Is it something that you’ve always taken seriously?

Yes, as I mentioned, when I was a kid, I loved old photos, and that has not only given me a love of photography in general, but I now have a collection of vintage cameras, which I try to use whenever I can. So, that initial love as a kid has not only led to my job as a photographer, but it’s also given me a profound interest in old cameras.

Which kind of photography do you prefer the most? Landscape or portrait?

They both have their merits. I always get nervous before a portrait shoot, and especially before a wedding. I think I always will, but once I’m involved with the shoots, I love doing them; it’s so nice to see people happy and smiling, and I’m so lucky to have a job that lets me stand on the outside of a family unit, “looking in” on quite private moments that can really make you feel honoured to be there. Having said that, my real passion is for my landscape and wildlife photography; I love nature, and nothing beats the feeling of going out and capturing what you set out to do. I also get an immense buzz from holding exhibitions: it’s a wonderful feeling when someone buys a print to put on their wall. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who has bought something.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Both my cameras are Sony, and I use a mixture of Sony and Sigma lenses. I’ve had quite a few people in the past say, “Oh, why don’t you use Canon or Nikon?” My first camera was a Sony, and I’ve stuck with them. They do everything I need them to do, and they have withstood quite a few knocks, bumps and soakings!

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Have you ever had any of your images published in any magazines, newspapers or online?

I was really chuffed at the beginning of this year when “Living North” published a feature on me. It was entitled “Wild Thing.” I’ve also had several of my landscape images published in varying formats from magazines to a “desk diary.” I was also really happy to be asked by Driffield Town Council to produce an image for the cover of this year’s Town Guide, which was great, as I love doing things locally, being involved in things that promote this lovely area we live in.

Focusing on landscape photography, how do you go about “composing” your photos?

It’s more luck than management, haha! Still, I have to admit that when I first started, I was “snap happy.” I’d come home with hundreds of images to sort through. Time and experience have taught me to study any given landscape first. I’ve now begun to “see” in pictures. I can sort of look at a view, and know instantly whether it’s worth a photograph or not.

Are you hoping to make a living from photography, or is it purely a hobby?

I’ve been professional for over 2 years, and I feel very lucky to be able to do a job that is actually my hobby. How jammy is that?

Finally, how can people find out more about your photography, and where (be it in a gallery, or online) can people actually view your work?

I try to hold several exhibitions each year, all of which are always advertised on my website, which is – there’s a fair selection of my work on there, too. People can also keep up-to-date with me via Twitter @KDPhotogr and Facebook @KerryDuncanPhotography. What’s more, I’ve produced a calendar this year, which features images of the local area. I’ve been really lucky to have had the support of a few local businesses, including Rafters of Driffield, the farmshop at Cranswick, and the “Driffield & Wolds Weekly” newspaper.

Images by Kerry Duncan


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