mon valley

by Steve Rudd 

So what if I want
to lose myself
in America?

The thought has always appealed.

To lose myself,
Hook, line, and sinker:
It’s a fantasy
I’ve never revealed

In order to win,
In order to hope,
In order to keep
my sanity afloat.

In order to escape,
In order to dream,
In order to be innocent
of evil-natured schemes.

In order to cry
like a man when it’s tough.
In order to live.
In order to love.

So, we can
lose ourselves
in the canyonlands of despair,
We’ll do a star tally -
in the enlightening shadows
of Monument Valley.

Outrunning the aftermath,
with thumbs in the air -
Last Stop Alaska,
where we’ll extricate
our souls
from society’s cancer.

So what if I need
A little time alone?
Shooting the TV;
Smashing the phone.

There’s beautiful violence,
and then there is peace,
Beyond the raging silence,
There’s a piece of America
for me.


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