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As the daughter of legendary rock guitarist Mick Ronson, it’s little wonder that Lisa Ronson has wound up in the music industry. Having released her debut album in 2015, she has had an extremely busy twelve months. Here, in an exclusive interview with “Pulse” author Steve Rudd, she looks ahead to another busy year…

Hi Lisa, how are things, and how has 2016 treated you so far? 

It’s been great, thanks! I can’t believe it’s nearly over.

So you’re going to be returning to perform in Hull in the New Year at “Fruit”! What do you enjoy the most about performing in Hull? 

Hull is a really special place. Some of the best people in the world are from Hull! I might be biased, of course!

At what age did you realise that you could sing? I mean, were you always singing as a youngster? Did things simply develop from there? 

I always liked to sing, but my muscle was weak. My voice wavered and was thin. It wasn’t until I joined The Secret History that I learned how to sing out properly, from the gut.

Growing up, did you have any sense of the awe that people had in relation to your dad? 

Yeah, but the people I saw were in awe of him not because he was famous. It was more because of his kind, generous, warm, funny nature. People often say that he was the nicest person they ever met. And he was.

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How did it feel to be invited on tour by Woody (Woodmansey) and the rest of the Holy Holy boys in order to pay tribute to the music of David Bowie and The Spiders from Mars? 

At first, I didn’t want to do it. I hadn’t been in the UK for long, and I didn’t want to jump into anything musically. But I’m glad I did it. It may be surprising to hear, but I hadn’t really listened to a lot of his music before. I got to know Woody and the rest of the band; they’re a great group of guys and girls, and I had a lot of fun.

By day, you’re an accountant, which couldn’t really be much more of a contrast from what you do on a night! What would you say is the best way to create a well-balanced life? 

I’m still trying to figure it out! I suppose we all are.

The likes of Reeves Gabrels and Earl Slick have contributed to your album, “Emperors of Medieval Japan.” Did you make any suggestions as to their level of involvement, or did they take the lead in terms of what they both contributed? 

It’s a very collaborative process with everyone I work with artistically. I invited Reeves to play on a couple of songs, which I thought would particularly suit his playing, because they needed an edge. Reeves arrived at the studio with Earl Slick, so we had both of them play on the song “Get to You.” Reeves plays on a lot more tracks on my second album, which will be out next year.

So you’ve already recorded some new songs! When are we likely to be able to wrap our ears around your second LP? 

Paul Cuddeford, Tom Wilcox (plus some very special guests) and I are in the process of crafting a new album as we speak… so stay tuned! There will also be a new single out in January.

Can you ever see yourself “doing” music full-time at the expense of your accounting career, or do you hope to always be able to “run” both passions alongside one another? 

I like the freedom of not having to make music for money. I don’t ever want the music to feel like work. I would rather keep the two separate. Having said that, if I happened to win the lottery…

So what advice would you give to any aspiring singers out there? 

Join a band, and perform live. Not when you are ready – but now!

Lisa Ronson will be appearing at “Hull Fruit” (on Humber Street) on Wednesday 25th January. Visit for tickets.


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