Hayley Hutchinson – Love Songs For The Enemy
Reviewed by Steve Rudd


When she’s not playing in The Sorry Kisses, Hayley is making sweet music of her own, and this – her second album – will bring fans up to speed with the fruits of her latest spell of songwriting. A glorious ten-track affair, Love Songs For The Enemy is a sublime record in every respect, opening tune All I Have incorporating banjo and harmonica behind a slow-but-steady beat and lush acoustic strumming, allowing Hayley‘s stunning voice to bring her lovelorn lyrics to life.

Photo by Roberta Rayner
Only Your Words goes on to prove that she hits high notes that other singers simply cannot reach, before Be Alright cunningly picks up the pace.Some Days boasts some poetically intriguing lyrics as she sounds to have a subtle stab at celebrity culture in her own inimitable style. ‘The TV wears me out, watching puppets on a string’, she swoons, lambasting ‘becoming a star at any cost’.Her harmonious backing vocals add an enchanting depth to the track, too, while Anna Karina presents one of Hayley‘s most haunting vocal performances so far laid down on record.
‘You sent me no roses, you just sent the thorns’, she laments, the purity of her voice and strength of her spirit destined to crush the hearts of all those who hear it.This album might have seemed a long while in coming for fans fond of her debut release, Independently Blue, but Hayley‘s certainly invested her time and effort well, especially when the meditative Store Fourteen evokes the beautiful nature of Ryan Adams‘ music on his Cold Roses LP, with a lovely piano melody complementing her guitar playing.Somewhere In Between, meanwhile, is even more bewitching, employing a brilliant banjo lick to take it to the bridge.
Photo by Mark Cunnington

Photo by Martin Cohen
Similarly, Leave It Alone, Love Song For The Enemy and Scene of The Crime soothe the senses by being so intimate, organic and life-affirming, the appropriately subdued melodies creeping upon one’s ears with stealth, rewarding the listener in due course.All cuts considered, Love Songs For The Enemy will make Hayley Hutchinson new allies aplenty.
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