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As an actor, no matter how hard you try, there is always one role that you know you will never get! Surrounded by an industry based on physical appearance, race and gender, She Productions are here to break boundaries and turn typecasting on its head. MissCast is an evening of familiar songs and sketches performed in revolutionary ways.

The Artistic Director of East Riding Theatre says, “She Productions” are a great asset to ERT. Their creativity, enthusiasm and commitment can always be seen in their work, and their shows continue to delight audiences of all ages.’

She Productions was formed by a group of local actresses who, after leaving the area to train at drama school and work professionally in TV, theatre, and film across the UK, gravitated back to the East Riding in 2015 to set up their own theatre company, committed to devising and writing innovative theatre for intergenerational audiences.

Company member and Mountview Academy graduate Annie Kirkman says: “The everyday battle to get through the door of an audition, to then be told you don’t ‘look’ right for the part, before you’ve even had the chance to show what you are capable of, wears you down. It has been so refreshing to work with a group of like-minded actors who have experienced the same plight and want to be creative and do the job they spent years training to do. MissCast was born from our own altercations with the acting industry.”

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Ironically, She Productions held a casting day of their own in February in the hope to expand the company, having engaged several local actors to collaborate with on future projects this year.

“Auditioning is so exposing; you stand in front of a group of strangers and bear your soul, desperate to be ‘liked’. Being on the other side of the table was a real eye-opener and made us extremely conscious of the need to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, avoiding some of the awful audition experiences we have all endured,” explains Alice Rose Palmer, a She Productions member.

She Productions is made up of seven members: Annie Kirkman, Jessica Duffield, Rachel Barnes, Hannah Levy, Alice Rose Palmer, Hester Arden and Ellie Claughton, all of whom are originally from the local area. Mariana Barbera, a Mexican actor who is based in Beverley, has joined She Productions to devise and perform MissCast. She says: “We all feel that, in some way or another, we have been ‘typecast’ and repeatedly assigned the same roles. Directors have often discounted me because I have an accent. Sometimes, unless there is a role for a ‘foreigner’, regardless of which country they are from, I won’t even be considered. In which other industry could you legally employ, or not employ, someone because of their ethnicity?”

MissCast addresses these huge concerns in true satirical fashion. We’ve rewritten popular songs, dramatized our own ridiculous encounters, and exposed artists’ everyday disasters to immerse the audience and put them in our shoes for the evening. Let’s hope we can keep a straight face!” Rachel Barnes, She Productions’ Musical Director, tells us.

She Productions has produced seven original shows since forming in 2015, including The StorytEllas and The White Rabbit in Easterland. Their new musical, It’s Different For Girls, inspired by sixties Hull girl-band Mandy & The Girlfriends, will run in September at the East Riding Theatre.”

“MissCast” will run at ERT on Friday 26, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May. Tickets: £14 / £13

Visit www.sheproductions.co.uk for more information

Visit www.eastridingtheatre.co.uk for “MissCast” tickets


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