Mogwai – Mr Beast
Reviewed by Steve Rudd


While this ten-track affair might not be as exhilarating as Mogwai’s Come On Die Young masterpiece of an album, this long-player – which is the band’s fifth – is still an epic and emotional joy to behold.With a running time of almost three quarters of an hour, their Auto Rock tune kicks affairs off, being a subtly enthralling piano melody, before Glasgow Mega-Snake livens affairs up with its far louder and rockier guitar assault.

Mogwai formed in 1995, and this album was recorded in their own Glasgow-rooted Castle of Doom studio.

The album has also been co-produced by the band, with Tony Doogan having had his own part to play in the production.
For the most part with Mr Beast, the tracks tend to be slow-burning masterpieces that delicately unfold from humble beginnings into stunning soundscapes.Lyrics are thin on the ground, but ethereally whispered vocals do grace Acid Food amongst a few other numbers, while their I Chose Horses tune employs heartbreakingly tender atmospherics without equal. All the songs are cleverly multi-layered affairs, resplendent with enrapturing melodies that are presented in all manner of guises.
Mr Beast also features the single release Friend of The Night, which is a stunning tune that might in time come to be regarded as one of the band’s all-time greatest cuts, ensuring that there is more than enough beauty in Mr Beast to silence even the harshest of
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