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We were starving, my wife and I, and there was only one thing that was destined to cut it: afternoon tea. With Becky thirty-four weeks pregnant, we didn’t want to venture too far. Thus, since we were at the bottom end of Middle Street South, we aimed for Molly & Jean, one of the newest cafes to open in Driffield.

Straight away, we were swept into what felt like the ultimate time warp, the entire place fifties-orientated. Greeted by a waitress, we were shown to a table and offered menus. As much as I fancied a sandwich, the prospect of sampling a multitude of sandwiches, along with some cakes, was simply too much to resist.

Priced at £10.95 per person, the afternoon tea option represented fantastic value for money, not least because the three-tiered tray came brimming with four different sandwiches, a delicious slice of quiche, and the tastiest scone south of the Scottish border. And all that was before the top-tier piece de resistance comprising a mouthwatering chunk of rocky road and an iced bun. What’s more, the accompanying Americano couldn’t be faulted, the coffee’s strength and smoothness representing the perfect complement to the high quality food on offer.

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While the food and drink proved easy on our palettes, the interior décor of the café was easy on the eye. With all tablecloths and crockery in-keeping with the fifties theme, it was easy to imagine that we’d stepped sixty years back in time, the music, too, quirkily maintaining the illusion. Even the staff were sporting old-fashioned dresses, the waitresses’ makeup and hairstyles also playing along.

All things considered, Molly & Jean helps to remind one and all what dining out is all about. Yes, on one level, it’s about the food and drink consumed. That should go without saying! More than that, though, it’s about the experience.

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(Steve Rudd)

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