The Loop by Nicholas Evans 
Reviewed by Steve Rudd


This is the second breathtaking novel from Nicholas, the first having being the international best-selling weepie The Horse Whisperer which shot the English-based writer to fame.

The Loop has nothing to do with horses whatsoever, and instead focuses on the trials of a wild pack of wolves that is terrorising a farming community in Montana.

A 29-year old wolf expert called Helen is called in to the area to investigate and tag the wolves, but she gets somewhat romantically-distracted by an 18-year old boy called Luke who is just as interested in wolves as she is.

The only problem is that Luke is the son of her main adversary, Buck Calder – the man who owns one of the biggest ranches in the area and who wants nothing less than all the wolves killed…

In the grand tradition of Legends of The Fall, The Loop truly is an epic drama full of unforgettable moments of high action and humanitarian tenderness.

Unlike The Horse Whisperer, The Loop does have something of a happy ending, and if you like the sound of this nature-embracing book, then it’s high time you hunted down other books by Nicholas including The Smoke Jumper and The Divide.

By God, he’s an incredible writer.

ISBN 0-593-04067-8

(published in 1998 by BANTAM PRESS)

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