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Should you ever find yourself in Bridlington Old Town with hunger pangs striking up a marching band, Saffron is certain to help them abate with its formidable menu of food. Serving a mouthwatering selection of Indian dishes, it’s a tough choice indeed when it comes to deciding what you’re going to settle for. As a rule, I find it almost impossible to resist a good old-fashioned Chicken Korma, especially if dining in Driffield’s Trishna, but I was determined to sample something a little different… with the emphasis on little. The Chicken Malaya – a creamy curry suffused with coconut, almonds and pineapple – sounded so divine as to be irresistible. My wife opted for Lamb Makhani, which sounded to be equally as tasty.

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Whilst waiting for our food to be cooked, it was impossible not to allow our eyes pander towards the fantastic décor of the restaurant, a series of private cubicles set against the far wall. Our food arrived fifteen minutes after ordering, though it seemed to be served in no time at all, our respective curries steaming in two stylish white bowls. With a smaller bowl of rice placed with a flourish beside a buttered-up Peshwari Naan, the waiter left us in silence. Spurred on by my curry’s sweetness, I couldn’t help but race through my dish, rice-mixing and naan-dipping with wild abandon. In truth, it was one of the tastiest curries ever to make contact with my taste buds. Through with my food, I stared forlornly at my wife’s plate, silently begging for a portion of her makhani. Ever-conscious of my appetite’s size, she kindly proffered a hearty spoonful of her food, much to my stomach’s delight.

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Too full for a pudding of any description, we requested the bill, astonished to see it arrive with a couple of mints and two shots – the perfect way to get the night started had we been intending to pursue further drinking escapades in town. As much as my wife fancied the Bailey’s Irish Cream temptingly swirling within the shot-glass before her, her late-pregnancy encouraged me to down both in quick succession.

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We were staying just around the corner at Bestworth House, midway along High Street, slap-bang next door to The Lamp, formerly Ellie Mae’s. A true gem of a B&B, every aspect of the street-fronting house is a jaw-dropping work of art, the spacious, sensationally welcoming lobby setting the attention-demanding tone. Dating from the seventeenth century, the house is a Grade II-listed building, and there’s surely nowhere better to relax whilst in Bridlington.

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Coveting three fabulously spacious rooms and a beautifully landscaped garden, the house is a joy to explore, its kitchen dominated by a granite-topped centre-piece of a food preparation area. Our hosts Helen and David showed us upstairs to the Master Bedroom, an exceptionally comfortable room overlooking the garden. With a King-size bed abutted by a fiendishly comfortable reclining sofa, the room came complete with a huge Plasma TV, gorgeous paintings, and a brand-new bathroom straight out of Home & Living. Wrapped in mosaic tiles, the bathroom was the alluring piece de resistance – not least because it wielded a stunning marble basin, along with a waterfall-shower. Shedding our shoes to better appreciate the sumptuous carpet, we didn’t know what to do first: make the most of the bathroom’s spa-like facilities, or watch a movie on the cinema-suited TV screen. Having never known luxury like it, I was in my element, carefully reclining the sofa to leaf through the variety of brochures that Helen and David had left for guests to peruse. Resting atop a unit beside the TV, a stylishly designed wooden box opened to reveal a staggering range of drinks in sachets begging for nothing more than hot water which was conveniently available from the adjacent kettle. Waiting for Boiling Point, I lapped up the view through the window, an elegantly snaking path winding its way from one end of the well-heeled garden to the other, with three sky-reaching sunflowers at its head. Had summer hung around for a week longer, we might have retired outside for a BBQ. As it was, October was doing what it tended to do best by maintaining a cool, damp front. The unappetising weather in mind, we decided to sit tight, seduced by the high-ceilinged room in all its historic yet contemporary glory.

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As it stands, a stay in the Master Bedroom is worth every single penny. In that respect, the stunning breakfast options act as a major bonus. From the moment I caught a whiff of grilled bacon as we descended the stairs before edging into The Drawing Room, there was simply no resisting David’s All-Day Breakfast. As well-presented as it was cooked, a wealth of sausages, eggs, bacon and black pudding circled a homemade hash brown of distinction, the main course having been preceded by cereal and fruit salad. My wife, meanwhile, tucked into Eggs Benedict with a difference, topped with as much ham as spinach.

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All in all, the stay rewarded us with precisely what we desired more than anything else: a sensationally relaxing home-from-home environment that oozed sheer class through and through. What higher recommendation could there be?


(Steve Rudd)

Steve’s not always had the good fortune to enjoy staying in such salubrious accommodation. Far from it, in fact. A peek of Pulse will explain why.

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