Boredom often inspires rash decisions. And just like bad news travels fast, Steve Rudd hastened to once again hit the road as he squared up to a crisis of the midlife variety.

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Plundering truth, beauty and innumerable crises in India, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Steve roams in the spirit of Jack Kerouac, living a life less materialistic whilst striving to encounter as many people and places as ever-dwindling reserves of time and money allow.

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The result is an off-the-wall meditation that swoops through Asia at breakneck speed, lashed by Steve’s good humour and his unique way of observing and poetically documenting the world in motion.

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Written in transit between October 2010 and February 2011, ‘PULSE’ is a deep-thinking, freewheeling labour of love that cuts to the heart of matters, triumphing in being a highly original and inspirational debut from an exciting young talent.

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Pulse” is now available from Waterstones, WHSmith, and www.valleypressuk.com/books/pulse

It’s also available through Amazon in paperback and on the Kindle!

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