The Walkaway by Scott Phillips 
Reviewed by Steve Rudd


It is imperative that you keep your wits about you when reading this novel more than with almost any other mighty slab of fiction ever published. If you’ve never read Phillips‘ awesome debut novel The Ice Harvest, then there’s actually little point whatsoever even making a beeline for The Walkaway, for this stunningly cool epic Crime-Drama is the incredible sequel to it.Even if you are familiar with The Ice Harvest, The Walkaway really does take some following, as the story shifts back and forth from a present-day setting to 1952 throughout, incorporating a whole bunch of characters that have their respective parts to play in a story that primarily follows a man called Gunther who escapes from a ‘nursing home’ with the vague notion of searching for a whole load of money that he stashed in a quarry years before…
The author Scott Phillips has a highly stylised tone of writing which has been compared to the work of both Quentin Tarantino and James M. Cain.While The Walkaway isn’t half as thrilling as The Ice Harvest, it is still a magnificently realised novel that is in a league of its own for being so bold and daring.

I just wonder if Phillips will have it in his heart to write a sequel to Cottonwood, another of his books. Now that would be interesting…

ISBN 0-330-48144-4

(First published in 2002 by Picador).

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