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Steve has been putting pen to paper (or, to be more precise, fingers to keyboard) for as long as he can recall. Having begun to take writing seriously in his mid-teens when his work attracted attention from fellow scribes in The Zeronaut Society, a cult underground writing group, Steve’s passion for music and movies spurred him on to write and publish a magazine of his own. JUXTA! was born – and the rest is history. Described by Radio One DJ Steve Lamacq as “an absolute riot of writing,” its home-produced contents consisted of reviews, articles, interviews and poetry, along with a fair share of heated political comment. Three years and thirty-odd issues later, the demands of writing and publishing the magazine simply became too much. Coincidentally, Steve had a new interest on which to focus: travel.
The dawn of the new millennium saw Steve hop on a plane and leave the UK for the very first time. Destination: Nepal. A month spent exploring Kathmandu and trekking through remote Himalayan valleys had a profound effect on Steve, and from the moment he touched back down in England, he vowed to work and save hard for a few years so he could do more travelling. Fast-forward to 2005, and Steve hit Europe on a mission: to visit as many places and to meet as many people as possible.
He was off again the following year, railing, bussing, hitch-hiking and walking his way around Europe, Morocco, North America and southeast Asia.
Before he knew it, he’d been away for the best part of a year. Upon returning, Steve set about adapting his diaries into an epic book detailing his crazy globe-trotting adventures. A Time and A Place for Everything was the mesmerising result, a highly original masterwork which Austin Kehoe (commissioning editor for Melrose Books) described as “a first-class travelogue, meticulously researched and diligently written.”
Two years later, come 2008, Steve undertook a staggering six-month trip around Europe, determined as he was to visit all the countries on the continent that he hadn’t as yet visited. Starting out in Belgium and winding up in Turkey, he made his route up as he went along, swinging through Scandinavia, The Baltic States and The Balkans in the exhausting yet infinitely rewarding process.
The promise of writing work in early 2009 motivated Steve to pack up and head off without a second thought, hitting Los Angeles for a few months before skipping the border and getting intimate with Mexico. His earnings provoked him to catch a flight over to Bangkok, where his backpack was promptly stolen. Devastated but unprepared to feel sorry for himself, he conspired to travel lightly from then on, making tracks through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia until a financial crisis forced him to return to deepest, darkest Yorkshire.
Whether he’s running into The Fantastic Four in Vancouver, suffering from altitude sickness in the Himalayas, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood heavyweights in Thailand, sleeping rough in San Francisco surrounded by drug dealers, catching up with British explorer Karl Bushby on the Pacific Coast, reeling from food poisoning in Morocco, seeking spiritual enlightenment in Sedona, being threatened with detention in Montenegro, coming to terms with theft in Bangkok, sending himself to Hel and back in Poland, doing as the locals don’t in Los Angeles by walking everywhere, treading carefully in the landmine-littered mountains of Bosnia, comically mistaking roadies for Snow Patrol in Vegas, unwittingly entering ‘Nam in the company of illegally smuggled snakes, stumbling upon gypsy markets in Bulgaria, living on borrowed time in Belfast, getting stranded in Salt Lake City, teaching in Turkey, clubbing in Latvia, being swept along by political demonstrations in Puebla, kipping down with the homeless in Barcelona, losing his bearings in Venice, treating folk in Alabama to a distinctly alien accent, stalking the backstreets of KL beside rats the size of cats, being moved to tears by the confrontational nature of Cambodia’s recent history, sharing random rooms with relative strangers, and getting blatantly ripped-off more times than he cares to remember, Steve remains receptive to all that a life ‘on the road’ can fling in his direction, rarely feeling more ‘at home’ than when of no fixed abode.
During 2008 and 2009, numerous publications kept close tabs on Steve’s exploits by publishing his travel articles on a regular basis. He has since adapted everything he wrote ‘on the road’ over this period into a new manuscript entitled Foreign Soul. In October 2010, Steve embarked on a brand new adventure which saw him touch base with India for the first time. Once through with travelling full circle around the Indian subcontinent, he made a beeline for Indonesia, followed by Singapore, then Malaysia. His travel-writing aside, Steve has penned thousands of music reviews since the age of sixteen, all of which have gone on to grace a multitude of high-profile websites, the hallowed pages of NME, Black Velvet and Sandman, along with countless fanzines. A large proportion of his work can also still be viewed on
In addition, his work has featured in high-profile creative writing publications such as Fire, Slacker and Splizz, whilst a selection of his features and interviews have set tongues wagging in the offices of The Guardian and The Observer.
Tired of hearing the same old celebrities ‘chat’ about next-to-nothing in glossy magazines, Steve continues to crusade against the scourge of dull interviews by posing questions to genuinely interesting people who are fighting to be heard and respected in their respective fields, whether they are musicians, writers, film-makers or culture-thirsty citizens of the world with something positive to say.
His first book – “Pulse” – was published by Valley Press to international acclaim in July 2011. It has since been sold in more than twenty countries, and it continues to enable him to stage talks and presentations around the UK about his travels. Steve returned to India, via Sri Lanka, at the start of 2013. His three-month trip also saw him lope back into Nepalese territory on an extraordinary journey which duly proved to be his most soul-searching and life-enhancing yet.2016 will herald the eagerly-anticipated publication of Steve’s second book. Entitled “Fifty States of Being,” it focuses on his eye-opening wanderings around the vast continent of North America, lapping up offbeat adventures in Canada, the USA and Mexico.
Should you be interested in learning more about Steve, be sure to check out some of his previous writing work by typing his name into the search engine on or by visiting to sample a selection of his music. If you fancy picking up a copy of “Pulse,” paperback copies can be purchased from or Waterstones & WHSmith. Both paperback and downloadable editions are available from Amazon.
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