British traveller Terry Grigg has plenty of stories to tell, no doubt about it. Having visited over fifty countries, he’s an itinerant soul who always likes to be on the move. In typical form, when I tried to get hold of him for an interview, Terry was soaking up the sun in Goa, India.Fortunately, he managed to spare some time to chat about his debut travel book, Backpacking with a Bunion.

Primarily focused on an eighteen month trip through various countries in southeast Asia, he decided to self-publish his work in order to get it into the hands of as many people as possible…

Hi Terry, how are things?

Things are going well. Just been in Goa for a few days amongst all the hustle and bustle of the western tourists. Now for the real India.

You are the author of a travel book called Backpacking with a Bunion. What inspired you to write it? 

I spent some eighteen months travelling in southeast Asia and I just had to record my experiences on paper. I like to express myself by writing, and people I spoke to suggested the same.

It was very rewarding seeing my book in print, and hopefully I’ve added something a little different to the travel genre.
How long did it take to write, and did you find the writing process a difficult or easy one? 

About eighteen months in amongst other things. But I also redrafted and updated it, and that took a bit of extra time. The original writing I find quite easy – I just pour out all my feelings and experiences. It’s the redrafting and proofreading that’s the difficult bit.

Is this the first time you have put pen to paper about your travel experiences?

First time for travel, but I’ve also written three novels, a collection of short stories, and some poems.

What provoked you to self-publish?

After no success with either mainstream publishers or agents, I decided to go down the self publishing route.

Do you tend to write about your experiences from memory, or do you always keep a diary to fall back on?

I use a diary, then save the details on Yahoo. It would be very easy to forget important facts and details.

Do you intend to write another book in due course?

Yes, definitely. Not only about India, but South America, Mexico, Central Asia and North Korea – probably the most bizarre place I have been to. Would love to go back.

How can people keep up to date with your travels, and where can they purchase a copy of Backpacking with a Bunion

I keep a log on Facebook, also on Bebo. My book can be purchased from AuthorHouse, Amazon and other on-line retailers.

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