The Genius of Eric Bogosian
by Steve Rudd


Eric who? Eric Bogosian!What do you mean you’ve never heard of him? Ah, well that’s your loss, ain’t it? Still, there is a chance that you might have seen him and not even realised it, as he’s appeared in numerous US movies such as Under Siege 2 and Dolores Claiborne for starters.

Having said that, over in the US, he’s probably far better known and respected for his one-man shows that have set theatres alight given their satirical wit and all-guns-blazing honesty.

His monologues are exhilarating, whether you’re witnessing Eric deliver them in person, or reading the transcripts in the comfort of your own home. Check out, if you can, the masterful Wake Up and Smell The Coffee and SubUrbia.

Both deconstruct the delicate notion of the American Dream whilst condemning the Western world’s sickening obsession with materialism.New Yorker Eric also writes amazing novels, too, with Mall and Wasted Beauty both being must-read masterpieces that are simply unforgettable pieces of fiction.

Eric, to some extents, goes straight for the same emotional jugular as the likes of the late John Fante and his son, Dan Fante. Some people might take a little offence here and there at Eric‘s outspoken views, but that shouldn’t put people off reading Eric‘s work to any degree.

The truth is, Eric Bogosian is a genius in every respect.
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