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Arguably Bridlington’s best-kept secret on the bakery/café front, this little gem of a vegan and vegetarian haven resides at 12 Wellington Road, bang opposite the cenotaph. Given its fantastic central location, I was surprised I’d walked right past its front door so many times without ever having noticed it. Had it not been for my wife, Becky, suggesting we go there, based on a previous trip with one of her friends, I’d probably still have been none the wiser.

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From the moment you enter the café, it’s as though you’ve ducked into another world entirely, for the ambience is infinitely inviting and cosy, the layout of the front room bearing much in common with a restaurant kowtowing to the beauty of Feng Shui. Sporting well-spaced and gloriously chunky tables, the front room leads through to a slightly smaller room flanked by two serving counters, the one on the right dealing with food, the one on the left dominated by tea, coffee and hot chocolate options.

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Excitedly scanning down the blackboard of Specials, my eyes feasted on the beanburger option. Becky, meanwhile, wisely grabbed a slice of oaty chocolate cake that tasted as divine as it looked. Mutually opting for a dark hot chocolate, we made ourselves comfortable, admiring the huge range of vegan-friendly tinned goods neatly stacked in the recessed cupboard closest to our table.

Between eagerly-anticipated mouthfuls of beanburger, I read a note from the man in charge of making the drinks. It articulately explained why his coffees might be deemed cooler than the norm, stressing the importance of steaming milk at a slightly lower temperature in order to avoid burning it. Suffice to say, there’s a reason why his lattes come so highly recommended.

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Beyond the front room and serving area, a narrow corridor flanked by an astounding array of artwork leads through to a second, equally-as-spacious dining area boasting views of the café’s undeniably beautiful garden. Alas, since it was the height of winter at the time of visiting, the garden was sadly off-limits.

The exceptionally high quality of food and drink aside, the staff couldn’t be more accommodating or polite, on-hand to address any questions that customers may have about vegan or vegetarian meal choices. What’s more, the café has lovingly produced its own recipe book teeming with fabulous concoctions to please all palates.

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As satiated as I felt after wolfing down what was unarguably the tastiest burger I’d ever had, I promptly turned my attention to what remained of Becky’s sensationally tempting slice of cake. My taste buds simply couldn’t resist, and they were duly rewarded beyond measure. Indeed, the bakery/cafe is known far and wide for its scintillating selection of cakes. More often than not, a customer’s only criticism boils down to their glorious inability to choose between the likes of blueberry scones, vegan chocolate cake, banoffee pie, and plum frangipani. Caught in such an extreme situation, there’s very often just one thing for it: sample a guilt-free wedge of each.

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(Steve Rudd)

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