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The spirit of the Man in Black is alive and ‘kicking like a mule’ with an outstanding celebration of the iconic legend by the Carter/Cash-endorsed Johnny Cash Roadshow.

This is gold standard, fire-cracking entertainment from the first note, delivering an inspired set of cherished numbers with impeccable rhythmic pace: a dynamic performance from an unparalleled group of highly talented musicians, and a guaranteed treat for country music lovers and die-hard Cash fans alike.

The stage lights up with a colourful explosion of energy against a striking backdrop of classic screen imagery of the ‘real deal’. Clive John captures the essence of Cash with exceptional style and confidence. His deep, distinctive vocals are spot on, evoking pure country magic with “Walk the Line”, “Folsom Prison Blues” and “A Thing Called Love”.

The charismatic duets are superb, renditions of “Don’t You Think It’s Come Our Time” and “Jackson” encapsulating the tender charm and uplifting humour shared by the late enigmatic pair. The music doesn’t miss a beat as the set glides seamlessly along, evoking a timeless quality of a golden era with contemporary flair.

Martin Bentley (bass) is in a league of his own, and Nick Davis (guitars) and Darren Bazzoni (drums) are both first class. Backing vocals by Louise Masters and Amanda Stone add sparkle and glamour as the Carter sisters, complimenting the line-up with equally impressive versatility.

This is more than just a show – it’s a heartwarming story played out with genuine passion… a wonderful celebration of one of the world’s greatest known artists.

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Further information, including tour dates, can be found at

For more information about Clive’s show at Scarborough Spa on 18 March, click here!

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