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Former member of The Housemartins and The Beautiful South, Hull’s Dave Hemingway is currently a member of The South, a Beautiful South “spin-off” group, which also features Alison Wheeler. In the run-up to The South’s performance at Cottingham Civil Hall on 17 July, “Pulse” author Steve Rudd makes the most of a few snatched minutes with Dave…

Hi Dave, how are things, and how has 2016 treated you so far?

Things seem to be going fine at the moment, thanks for asking!

Has this year been a particularly busy one for The South?

This year has only just got started for us really, having played just three gigs so far, but we’re looking forward to doing quite a few more later in the year, starting with the ones including Cottingham!

What does it feel like performing without Paul (Heaton) in the band?

It’s not something that I really think about. All the guys and Alison in the band do the best they can.

Does Paul ever come and watch you perform?

No — Paul is doing very well with Jacqui (Abbott) at the moment, having much-deserved success, so I’m sure he’s very busy.

You recently released your debut album in your present incarnation. Why did you call it “Sweet Refrains,” and what are your favourite songs from the album?

Well, hopefully there are some “Sweet Refrains” on there. Actually, the title song is a personal favourite, but there are a few more songs that I would hope people might want to have a listen to.

Have you been working on any new material with a view to releasing a second LP anytime soon?

We have an album’s worth of songs waiting; we just have to find a viable way to get them out. Hopefully we can soon.

You’re poised to perform at Cottingham Civil Hall later this month. What do you enjoy most about performing in and around Hull?

It’s always good to come home and catch up with family and friends. As soon as I see the Humber Bridge, I know I’m back.

Where are your favourite venues in the Hull area, and why?

Hull City Hall, The Adelphi Club (where a lot of bands started out) and the Welly Club are all great to play. Perhaps we’ll add Cottingham Civic Hall to that list…

Other than your upcoming date in Cottingham, which other events are you looking forward to this summer?

We’ve got a few small festivals coming up, which are always good to be involved with. The weather being good helps as well!

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Would you say that your father’s turn as a comedian on the club circuit influenced you in terms of making you want to become an entertainer of some sort?

In all honesty, he wasn’t around that much, but as well as being a comedian, he played a few instruments, so maybe something musical rubbed off on me when he did show up.

What are your standout memories of growing up in Hull during the sixties and seventies?

Lots of Hessle Road pubs mainly! My mam worked shifts as a barmaid at two or three of them at the same time to support us, and I always seemed to be visiting her at work for the obligatory lemonade and crisps!

I take it you no longer live in the Hull area…

Circumstances forced a move around fifteen years ago. I now live near Crewe. Go figure!

Do The South have any plans to perform in Hull City Centre next year as part of the City of Culture “celebrations”?

We’ve not been approached in regards to anything as yet, but we would obviously consider it.

Finally, how can people find out more about you and The South?

Our website can be found at and that should supply all of the necessary info!










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