The Two-Bear Mambo by Joe R. Lansdale 
Reviewed by Steve Rudd


Lansdale is one heck of a prolific author, and this is something like the tenth novel of his that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. The vast majority of his novels follow two buddies, Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, as they manage – without fail – to get into all kinds of violent predicaments through being overly stubborn and too-proud-by-half men.

The Two-Bear Mambo was first published in 1995 and sits perfectly in the series, being a marvellously engrossing novel that is stealthily saturated with tantalisingly tough action, high drama, and a bellyful of cutting black humour.

Lansdale is a native Texan, and all of the books that I have thus far read of his are set in his home state. When I say that he’s prolific when it comes to his writing, he is the author of over two hundred short stories for the devil’s sake. In the process of writing such short stories and longer novels, he has received numerous literary awards for his outstanding contributions to fiction.

Joe R. Lansdale - remember the name. You’ll never forget his books should you read them, that’s for sure.


ISBN: 0-575-40037-4 (Indigo)

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