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THE WOOLLY TEAPOT in Bridlington

A fabulous addition to Bridlington’s wealth of cafes, The Woolly Teapot is located at 1 Manor Street, plum opposite HSBC bank. Plating up a perfect balance of cooked breakfasts, sandwiches, toasted sandwiches and omelettes, the café has already become a firm favourite amongst residents and visitors alike.

Swinging in on the darkest side of 3 p.m., we eased past the cash-desk and open-plan kitchen, settling in an overflow area of seating, large tables allowing groups of up to four people to crowd around each. With the walls brimming with inspirational quotes, the entire “feel” of the light, spacious café is positive. The staff, too, exude positivity, their fast, efficient and friendly service second to none.

Ordering a “special omelette,” I sat back and relaxed, my latte steaming for England. My wife, Becky, had also ordered an omelette, knowing how great they tasted. Within seconds of them being served, we tucked in, our son, Jasper, merrily munching on a pack of Quavers, the only “food” capable of keeping the peace as we ate.

Served with generously portioned side salads, both omelettes represented genuine value-for-money, as did the slices of cake on display. Priced at just one pound per slice, I was in my element yet beset by extreme indecisiveness, eventually opting for a lemon-based beauty. Becky, meanwhile, went for a slice of lemon meringue pie. Judging by the speed at which both slices disappeared, the verdict was unanimous: both cakes were divine, as perfectly baked as they were priced.

Exiting, satiated, just as they were about to close up for the day, Becky and I spotted an irresistible range of kitsch teapot covers in the window. Complete with teapot, they cost less than eight pounds: a bona fide steal. Inspired, Becky bolted back inside to grab one of the covers, knitted to resemble a sheep.

Promising to return to the café as soon as opportunity permitted, we strode away, elated to have made the café’s acquaintance.

(Steve Rudd)


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