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Hi Tom, how are things in Tom-Land?

Good… positive and very busy what with new baby Mabel who arrived on January 1st, and two new albums… ‘Sand’ which is acoustic, and ‘Paper’ which is electric guitar music. Oh, and I’ve also got a very busy touring schedule! 

You are currently in the middle of what appears to be a never-ending tour of the UK. After thirty years in the music business, what is it that gives you such an incredible drive to continue working so hard?

My overdraft! 

tom hingley 2

Glancing back at your extraordinary career, which experiences stand out for you the most?

Still having the privilege of having a career in 2013, being invited in to be a guest on BBC Radio 4′s ‘Woman’s Hour’, and being interviewed by Jenni Murray.

In the earliest days, did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that Inspiral Carpets could – and would – enjoy such nation-sweeping success?

I wasn’t there from the start; I joined five years in when they had already had a John Peel session and done some successful gigs (mind you, I had already been in bands for 13 years when I joined them in 1989), but I knew we would be massive – especially once I joined them!

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How did you feel when you were writing about all your band-related adventures for your ‘Carpet Burns’ book?

It was a cathartic process… at least for me, probably not them.

Did you find it at all difficult to turn your hand from being a musician to becoming an author whilst writing the book?

No. Writing is something I’ve always done. It runs through my blood. My father was an author, and so is my brother Richard.

tom hingley 4

What do you enjoy the most about writing songs and then performing them?

Hopefully getting better at the art – just as a craftsman would!

How have Inspiral Carpets fans taken to your solo acoustic material?

Hungrily… I’ve been doing solo albums and gigs for 14 years now. 

tom hingley 5

If you hadn’t been as successful as you have been in the realm of music, what do you think you might have done for a living instead?

Maybe an actor or a novelist. 

What does the rest of 2013 hold in store for you?

Nappies, CDs and Chips!

For folk who have never heard any of your music before, how would you best describe it?

Really melodic, varied, simple, good! 

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Finally, what’s the best way for people to keep tabs on future releases and gigs?

Avoid taking heroin! 

(Questions by Steve Rudd; Answers by Tom Hingley)

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