Mission Flats by William Landay 
Reviewed by Steve Rudd
Crime-thrillers come no better than this edge-of-the-seat masterwork from American writer William Landay, who here delivers a truly superb debut novel that attacks the senses and ultimately leaves you reeling from the brilliantly-staged shock ending.It’s amazing how some Crime writers make their stories sound so authentic courtesy of the detailed lengths that they go to in order to ensure all the correct police procedures are followed in their fiction. Very few writers have personally tasted the grit of police-work or the atmosphere of working in a courtroom for real, in which case their individual imaginations have to work overtime when it comes to creating convincing scenes in their stories.
William Landay is different, because he worked as an Assistant D.A. for some years before deciding to concentrate on his writing.Having no doubt dealt with some downright dirty court cases in his time, the reader realises that they can rely on Landay’s writing from the off. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the procedures and rules and regulations that uphold the law, and this enables him to spend more time on developing the characters and the plot-line instead of having to waste valuable time researching such procedures.
As a result, Mission Flats is a perfect mix of tense action and suspenseful courtroom drama that follows a small-town cop called Ben Truman, from Maine, who becomes embroiled in a nasty murder case that takes him to the big city of Boston. Thankfully, Landay was born and raised in Boston and thus knows the city like the back of his hand. In the same way that George P. Pelecanos brings the best (or should that be the worst) out of his Washington DC settings, Landay’s characters strut around Boston with confident verve.
As the plot thickens magnificently, there are more than enough surprises and red herrings to embrace before the breathtaking climax leaves you gagging for more.Mission Flats is, surely, one of the most captivating Crime novels to come out of the States in years, and hopefully this outstanding piece of work will mark the start of a long and successful career for William Landay.

ISBN 0-552-15350-8 (CORGI) 


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