Hi everybody, and thank you for taking the time to stop by.

As the title of this post hopefully conveys, it’s high-time for some fresh adventures on the road… and this is the best place to keep up-to-date!

As of 10th February, my fiancee Becky and I have been getting acquainted with Sri Lanka’s bounty. Since touching down in the country’s capital city of Colombo, we’ve spent time in Negombo, Kandy, and now Nuwara Eliya. All places are unique in their own rights, with Negombo capable of satisfying all those craving a relaxing beach upon which to saunter and bathe, Kandy a fantastic city for anybody aspiring to witness traditional dancing, and Nuwara Eliya the perfect spot for anybody looking to escape the heat of the coastal lowlands in favour of hiking, biking and horse-riding into the hills.

In the space of just a week, we’ve come to appreciate the staggering diversity that the teardrop-shaped island has to offer travellers and tourists alike, stunned by how dramatically the landscapes and the people differ from one area to the next. We bussed into Nuwara Eliya yesterday afternoon, and the place has already seduced us with its coolness, both in terms of its laid-back pace of life, and its altitude-affected climate. Though mist appears to perpetually cling to the peaks surrounding the diminutive town, it’s a truly stunning place, and all the more beautiful and atmospheric for such mist. The town itself is peppered with reminders of when Brits overran the area, at the height the British Empire, when the powers-that-were realised that tea plantations could conjure serious revenue. As a result, many buildings are Brit-flavoured in both style and substance. Furthermore, the expansive Victoria Park and the town’s sumptuously landscaped golf course also discreetly acknowledge the empire’s far-reaching legacy.

On the food front, we’ve been blessed, wisely taking chances with fried vegetable paratha and string hoppers. Should you wish, curry can be consumed at all times of day. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for Sri Lankans to indulge in curry for breakfast, a bowl of dhal curry almost impossible to resist so long as its served with paratha or roti. Over at St. Patrick’s Guesthouse where we’re staying, an in-house bar has all manner of spirits displayed. If all goes to plan, and we head out riding later on, tonight could be the perfect time to pay lip service to a tumbler of whiskey or two. I guess it all depends on how hoarse / horse we are…

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a class time Steve, keep us updated hope all goes well!